Lineman’s journey to health leads to newfound appreciation for football

Bryce Goodner, a standout freshman in 2022 from McMinn County, was sidelined due to a serious health concern that was diagnosed at the start of preseason camp in the summer. Despite his absence, Goodner’s impact was felt on the team as he was a key player for them in 2022. Unfortunately, he missed the entire season and was unable to showcase his skills on the field.

Goodner’s health concern prevented him from playing during the 2023 schedule, but his determination and spirit were evident as he fought to overcome this obstacle. The UTC offensive lineman’s presence was sorely missed by the team, and his absence was felt throughout the season. Despite being unable to participate in any games during the 2023 schedule, Goodner’s absence did not go unnoticed by his teammates.

Goodner had been an offensive lineman for UTC since his arrival on campus and had quickly become known as a standout player. However, his health concerns forced him to take a step back in 2023, which left a gaping hole on the team’s lineup. Despite missing out on an opportunity to play during this time, Goodner remained committed to his health and worked hard behind the scenes to recover fully.

In conclusion, Bryce Goodner’s absence due to health concerns had a significant impact on the UTC football team during their 2023 schedule. Although he missed out on an opportunity to showcase his skills on the field, Goodner’s determination and spirit were evident as he worked hard behind the scenes towards recovery. His absence will be remembered by fans of UTC football who were looking forward to seeing him play again next season.

By Aiden Johnson

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