Argentine groups condemn the termination of scientific workers

The members of the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development, and Innovation are coming together under the motto “Reincorporation now. Everyone here is needed!” to protest against the termination of labor contracts within the organization. Additionally, they are voicing their opposition to the cuts made by the Government of Javier Milei in the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET).

In a recent letter to President Milei, over 60 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, Economics, Medicine, and Physics expressed their concerns about the potential impact of his measures on the development of Argentina. These renowned researchers from various nations warned that the scientific sectors in Argentina are dangerously close to a precipice, which could have negative effects on the country and the world as a whole.

The letter emphasizes that Argentina may be neglecting its scientists, students, and future leaders due to budget cuts for CONICET and national universities. The lack of investment in science and technology infrastructure can lead to helplessness and vulnerability, hindering the country’s ability to progress, innovate, and educate its population. The Nobel Prize winners urge Milei to reconsider budget constraints and invest more in research programs.

The government has already laid off over 50,000 national public administration workers with an additional 70,000 contracts not set to be renewed. The concerns raised by these scientists highlight

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