Amazon is replacing Just Walk Out technology with Dash Carts in its grocery stores

Amazon is shifting its focus on improving the efficiency of its grocery stores by phasing out the Just Walk Out technology and replacing it with Dash Carts. Despite initial excitement, the system proved to be slow for customers and too expensive for companies to implement. Customers experienced delays in receiving receipts and there were concerns about Amazon collecting and sharing data on customers’ shopping habits.

In response, Amazon has decided to transition to Dash Carts, which involve scanning a QR code to start a session, scanning products as they’re added to the cart, and exiting through the Dash Cart lane or checking out at a register. While Just Walk Out technology will be phased out in most Amazon Fresh stores in favor of Dash Carts, it will still be used in a small number of Fresh stores in the UK and some Amazon Go stores. It will also continue to be available at ballparks that use the technology.

The decision highlights Amazon’s commitment to improving the customer experience and making its stores more efficient. By transitioning to Dash Carts, Amazon is able to streamline the checkout process and reduce costs associated with human reviewers. This allows for a faster and more accurate checkout experience for customers while also allowing companies to save money on implementation costs.

By Aiden Johnson

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