Anna Paquin gracefully walks the red carpet with a cane as she manages ongoing health challenges.

Recently, Anna Paquin attended the red carpet event for her latest film, A Bit of Light, which was directed by her husband and True Blood costar Stephen Moyer. Despite dealing with undisclosed health issues for the past two years that affect her mobility and speech, Paquin was seen using a cane to assist her. However, a source close to PEOPLE mentioned that she is hopeful for a full recovery.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Paquin opened up about the challenges she has faced in recent years but expressed her gratitude for being able to continue doing what she loves. She shared her passion for independent filmmaking and emphasized the importance of authentic storytelling. Paquin, who won an Oscar at the age of 11 for her role in The Piano, has always been drawn to genuine storytelling.

Paquin spoke about working with Moyer, stating that he is her favorite person to collaborate with. They have previously worked together on True Blood and Flack, and A Bit of Light is their second film project together. The upcoming movie set to release on April 5 follows Paquin’s character as she navigates life after losing custody of her children.

Paquin praised Moyer’s directing skills and emphasized that she wouldn’t collaborate with him if he didn’t possess the necessary talent. Despite their personal relationship, Paquin emphasized the importance of professionalism above all else. Their shared love for storytelling and filmmaking has led to several successful collaborations, with A Bit of Light being the latest installment in their creative journey.

Anna Paquin’s red carpet appearance was a testament to her resilience despite health challenges that have affected her mobility and speech over the past two years. The actress recently released a new film called A Bit of Light that was directed by husband Stephen Moyer and co-starred True Blood costars like Sarah Wayne-Callies.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Paquin shared how it had been challenging but rewarding to continue doing what she loved despite these obstacles. She highlighted how important it was to tell stories with integrity and truth while emphasizing the significance of authentic storytelling.

Paquin also spoke about working alongside Moyer on A Bit of Light – their second film project together – highlighting how much she enjoyed collaborating with him even though they had a personal relationship.

Despite their personal relationship, Paquin stressed that professionalism was key when working alongside Moyer – something that had led them both down a successful creative path over time.

The upcoming movie will be released on April 5th following Paquin’s character as she navigates life after losing custody of her children.

Overall, Anna Paquin’s resilience in continuing to work in film despite health challenges is inspiring while highlighting the power of authentic storytelling through cinema artistry.

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