Everything known about iOS 18: Apple confirms date for WWDC 2024

The developer event Apple, WWDC 2024, is confirmed to take place on June 10 (central date). This conference is highly anticipated as it will feature important announcements, including the unveiling of iOS 18. The new version of the iPhone operating system promises major changes through enhanced customization options, generative artificial intelligence features, and numerous improvements that will mark it as “the biggest system update in years.”

Rumors suggest a potential new interface design for the brand’s phones, possibly resembling the style seen in the Vision Pro operating system. There are also rumors hinting at Apple’s development of its own AI model or potential adoption of Google’s generative model, Gemini.

The event is generating a lot of excitement among tech enthusiasts and developers as it promises to unveil cutting-edge technologies and advancements in Apple’s software ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates as WWDC 2024 approaches.

By Aiden Johnson

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