Understanding the Chinese hacking scandal

The British Deputy Prime Minister announced in the House of Commons that both the UK’s Electoral Commission systems and several parliamentarians’ private devices had been hacked. The National Center for Cybersecurity believes that the perpetrators were working on behalf of the Chinese government. This incident was viewed as hostile intentions from China by the UK government.

The US Department of Justice disclosed more details about the cyber attacks, stating that APT 31 hackers targeted various sectors, including the White House, judicial, commercial, and financial sectors in the USA, as well as several members of Congress from both parties.

In addition to these attacks, New Zealand also reported that their Parliament server had fallen victim to state-sponsored cyber activity linked to China. All three governments confirmed attacks that occurred in 2021 and 2022.

The public indictment from the US Department of Justice identified APT 31 as the hacker group responsible for these attacks. Based out of Wuhan, China, this group is linked to the Chinese Ministry of National Security and targets critics of the Communist Party and steals business secrets.

The hackers primarily used phishing emails to gain access to personal data, passwords, and internet routers of their victims. Political decision-makers were particularly targeted in all three countries, with sanctions imposed on those involved by both the UK and US governments. The extent of these attacks on political figures is alarming.

China condemned these sanctions imposed by the US and UK but denied any involvement in internal affairs. The British Foreign Secretary criticized China’s actions which led to tensions between countries. These activities have raised concerns about cybersecurity and protecting sensitive information worldwide.

By Aiden Johnson

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