Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

As a journalist, I interviewed Zlatko Dalić, who was ecstatic at the press conference. He expressed his relief that he had made it to his fourth major competition and had achieved another great result. He acknowledged that it was a tough match, but they managed to pull through despite not expecting it to be as difficult as it turned out.

Dalić also spoke about how their opponents were not very good, but they still struggled. However, he was proud of their character and resilience in the face of adversity. He compared this experience to October, which he said helped them get out of their comfort zone and become stronger and more prepared for the Euro.

When asked if they would light a candle at the Stone Gate, Dalić replied that God helps the brave and the good. He thanked the 20,000 fans who cheered them on today and expressed excitement for the Euro with Croatian fans by their side.

Regarding Budimir and Sosa’s performance, Dalić said that Budimir kept quiet and worked hard during qualifications, earning his place on the team after scoring four goals in the last games. Erlić was not relegated because he played well but had a left foot on that side instead of right which proved beneficial in this match. Marc Pašalić did a great job overall but lacked penetration and quickness in attack which is something they need to work on moving forward.

Dalić also mentioned how Wales won only two points this month despite being expected to win four games in a row against Latvia and Armenia. However, he emphasized that they were focused on being the right ones despite some tough matches ahead like playing France or Croatia in future group stages matches. He also discussed how important it is for them to fix some things in their game like being more efficient in scoring chances if they want to repeat Russia and Qatar’s successes in future tournaments like Euro 2024 or World Cup 2026

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