Engaging Science Programs to Spark Public Excitement

Professor Shen Dinggang, an expert in biomedical engineering, explains how artificial intelligence empowers medical treatment. The new season of the “Touch Future” TV program features Shanghai’s latest scientific and technological achievements. The weekly interview program is a joint effort of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and SMG News. Through face-to-face interviews with more than 20 renowned scientists in varied fields, the program records the work of the scientific researchers, leading the audience to experience the context and charm of technological innovation.

In this season, computer science expert Yao Qizhi is interviewed about his work at Tsung-Dao Lee Institute. Scientific knowledge is also transformed through vivid and easy-to-understand language in the program, making it more accessible to the public. Among the scientists featured are Shen Dinggang, an expert in biomedical engineering, computer science expert Yao Qizhi, and physicist Zhang Jie. More than 100 science-related questions covering space exploration, artificial intelligence, healthcare, and energy have been collected from citizens. Scientists will answer questions like what will be the next challenge in the field of artificial intelligence, and when will quantum communication be popularized in public life.

The program focuses on the entire process of public participation in a series of scientific projects. Citizens are also invited to share their stories and experience of scientific research in the studio. In addition to “Touch Future,” another weekly science program of SMG News called “The Making of the Future” vividly tells the stories of ordinary citizens participating in scientific research. It aims to stimulate more scientific enthusiasm and potential for innovation by focusing on monitoring butterflies’ living conditions in Shanghai and raccoon dog population investigations. Citizens will also be invited to share their stories and experience of scientific research.

Overall, these programs highlight how technology can bring people together to learn about science and inspire innovation. With their focus on accessibility and public participation, they provide valuable resources for those interested in learning more about science while also empowering individuals to make a positive impact on society through their own research endeavors.

Professor Shen Dinggang believes that AI has enormous potential for revolutionizing medicine by improving diagnosis accuracy and drug development efficiency.

“Touch Future” features interviews with leading experts such as Professor Shen Dinggang discussing AI’s impact on medical treatment.

Computer science expert Yao Qizhi explains how AI can help optimize healthcare systems by analyzing patient data.

Scientists discuss various aspects of AI’s application including image analysis for disease detection.

Physicist Zhang Jie talks about quantum computing’s potential applications including drug discovery.

Overall these shows highlight how technology can transform healthcare by improving patient outcomes while reducing costs.

The programs showcase how advances in technology can drive progress across multiple fields from medicine to physics.

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