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26 Might 2023

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Watch: Inside cabin as plane door opened mid-flight

A man has been arrested for opening a door of an Asiana Airlines flight as it was landing in South Korea.

All 194 passengers survived the flight, which landed safely but with its door nonetheless open at Daegu International Airport on Friday.

Some passengers fainted when other individuals had breathing issues and have been taken to hospital, regional media reported.

The man in his 30s stated he was feeling suffocated and wanted to get off rapidly, Yonhap news agency reported.

Police stated the man claimed throughout questioning that he was stressed soon after losing his job, according to the report.

Flight OZ8124, an Airbus A321-200 jet, had taken off from Jeju Island on Friday about 11:45 regional time (03:45 GMT).

As it was landing about an hour later, a male passenger opened the emergency door when the plane was nonetheless 250m from ground.

A passenger’s video shared on social media shows the gap in the left hand side of the plane and winds buffeting rows of seated passengers.

Flight attendants had not been capable to quit him mainly because the plane was about to land, witnesses recounted to regional media.

They stated the man had also attempted to jump out of the plane soon after opening the door.

Passengers have described the panic on board.

“It was chaos with persons close to the door appearing to faint 1 by 1 and flight attendants calling out for physicians on board by means of broadcasting,” 1 44-year-old passenger told Yonhap.

“I believed the plane was blowing up. I believed I was going to die like this,” he added.

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The Asiana Airlines plane landed at Daegu with its door open

Various college age kids had also been on board, on their way to a weekend sporting occasion.

The mother of 1 of the students told Yonhap: “The kids have been shaking, crying, and frightened.”

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