Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

AstraZeneca has recently launched a new global health tech business, Evinova, with the goal of revolutionizing the clinical trial process. The company aims to reduce the time and cost of clinical trials and make the process easier for patients by providing global services to CROs and pharmaceutical companies.

Evinova will operate as a separate business, financially backed by AstraZeneca, but with its own technology and revenue-based model. The company will offer a range of services, including trial design, execution, and monitoring, to help customers streamline their clinical trials and improve their efficiency.

With Evinova’s creation, AstraZeneca hopes to address some of the challenges and inefficiencies in the clinical trial process that have long been felt by both patients and drug developers alike. By making it easier for patients to participate in clinical trials and improving the effectiveness of these trials, Evinova is poised to have a significant impact on drug development.

This new venture reflects AstraZeneca’s commitment to advancing healthcare through technology. With Evinova’s focus on innovation and efficiency, it is clear that this company is well-positioned to make a meaningful contribution to the field of drug development.

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