Impending strike by on-board staff looms nearer

Austrian Airlines is facing a potential strike by its on-board staff this Thursday and Friday, with over 3,500 employees involved. Negotiations for a collective agreement on Sunday were unsuccessful, and there were no further negotiations scheduled for Monday. However, both sides have indicated a willingness to continue talking.

Despite the willingness to negotiate, there appears to be a stalemate in the discussions. The union has moved closer to the airline while the airline waits for significant movement from the union. The main point of contention is the numbers, particularly in the AUA’s offer which includes an 18% table increase for everyone and 28% for co-pilots, but the union rejects this offer due to how it is calculated. The AUA maintains that they are ready to talk about their offer once there is substantial movement from the union.

Flight cancellations are a possibility as the strike threat continues. If cancellations do occur, affected customers have already been offered a one-time free rebooking or cancellation of their flights by Austrian Airlines. Passengers also have access to alternative transport options in case of cancellations, ranging from flights with other airlines to train or bus journeys depending on distance. Additionally, passengers would be entitled to compensation if no viable alternatives are available.

The impending strike by Austrian Airlines’ on-board staff poses a significant challenge for both parties involved. While negotiations remain ongoing, it remains uncertain whether an agreement can be reached before Thursday and Friday when the strike threatens to disrupt travel plans for thousands of passengers around Europe and beyond.

The AUA has been working tirelessly to reach an agreement with its employees since last summer when talks began over wages and working conditions. However, despite several rounds of negotiations, there remains little progress in resolving differences between the two sides.

The union has expressed frustration at what they see as unfair treatment by Austrian Airlines management who refuse to budge from their demands regarding pay and working conditions. Meanwhile, Austrian Airlines has warned that any strikes could result in flight cancellations and delays which would inconvenience thousands of passengers.

In light of these developments, it remains unclear whether an agreement will be reached before Thursday when strike action is expected to begin.

Overall, tensions remain high between Austrian Airlines management and its employees as they continue to work towards reaching an agreement on wages and working conditions before Thursday’s threatened strike action takes place.

By Aiden Johnson

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