Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

On the day of Remembrance Day in November 18, a video was obtained by the editors of the weekly newspaper Novosti showing four young men attacking another car with their hands and feet. The attack took place near Nuštra, as an Audi with Vukovar license plates harassed a vehicle with Serbian license plates. The incident occurred in the presence of police vehicles, but they did not intervene or interview the attackers.

An eyewitness to the attack recorded the incident on his cell phone, detailing how the young men in the Audi cursed and verbally abused the drivers of the other car. Despite being approached by police vehicles at the scene, the attackers were not stopped and eventually left without any repercussions. According to this witness, representatives from a nearby police station in Vinkovci told him that no charges would be filed and that the case would likely be dismissed due to lack of cooperation from victims who did not want to press charges or go to court. This only added to frustration among witnesses and raised questions about police intervention.

The witness also shared that one of the attackers was wearing a shirt emblazoned with the coat of arms of HOS (Hrvatska obrambaška snaga), which further fueled suspicion about their motives for attacking another car. The incident prompted calls for a formal inquiry into what happened on this day, but no response has been received from authorities yet at time of publication.

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