A case of H5N1 influenza infection detected in US dairy cows

In Texas, a man has been diagnosed with H5N1 bird flu after coming into close contact with infected dairy cows. This is the second confirmed case in the US, following the first case in Colorado in 2022. Preliminary analysis of the virus strain in this new infection did not reveal any concerning mutations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that while the infection does not change their assessment of the public health risk associated with H5N1 influenza in the United States, they still consider the risk of an outbreak here to be low. The patient is currently isolated and receiving treatment with antiviral drugs.

It’s important to note that avian flu can be transmitted to humans, but only in people who have had close contact with infected animals. However, if this flu strain mutates and becomes more easily spreadable to humans, current antibiotics will be effective against it. Additionally, existing vaccines may also be effective in preventing it from spreading further if such a mutation occurs.

By Aiden Johnson

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