Construction Company Claims Only One Worker Survived Bridge Collapse

On Tuesday evening, six construction workers from Brawner Builders tragically lost their lives when the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed. The workers had been on a meal break when a cargo ship named Dali collided with the bridge, causing it to fall into the Patapsco River. One worker miraculously survived the disaster, while two others were rescued from the water.

Rescue teams suspended their search and rescue efforts on Tuesday night after they were unable to locate the missing workers. Engineers have determined that the bridge collapse was not due to any oversights in its construction but rather the sheer force of the cargo ship. Governor Wes Moore of Maryland commended the actions of the Dali crew, stating that their quick thinking likely saved many lives.

The impact of the cargo ship made the collapse of the bridge inevitable, according to experts. The devastating incident has left many questions unanswered as rescue teams continue their recovery efforts. The bodies of the presumed dead workers have not been recovered yet, leading rescue teams to believe that they may no longer be alive.

By Aiden Johnson

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