Mon. Feb 26th, 2024
My First Visit to Primark: One of Europe’s Largest Retail Chains

I recently visited Primark, an Irish fast-fashion chain, in New York in January. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was not just a clothing store, but also offered luggage, beauty, and home goods. This is why more and more Primarks are opening around the US.

Primark is one of the biggest retail chains in Europe, with 191 locations in the UK alone. The chain was founded in Ireland in 1969 and now has over 400 stores worldwide, with a goal of 530 stores by 2026. In the US, the first location opened in Boston in 2015 and there are currently 16 stores across the country. However, Primark announced that it plans to open 60 more stores by 2026.

I have always been a fan of discount stores like Dollar Tree or Five Below, but I had no idea what to expect from Primark – which has been called the “Costco of clothes” by analysts – except for my friends who studied abroad in London during college raved about its low prices.

The Roosevelt Field location opened in November 2022 and spans over 44,000 square feet of retail space across two floors. I decided to visit during January after the holiday rush. Overall, I was impressed with the variety of products on offer and the competitive pricing. It’s clear why Primark is becoming increasingly popular among shoppers looking for affordable fashion options.

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