High-tech employee’s heart attack during connection flights deemed work-related injury

The National Insurance Institute objected to accepting the plaintiff’s claim, citing his pre-existing heart problems and his failure to seek medical treatment during his travels to the US, Germany, and Israel. However, Judge Ariela Gilzer-Katz of the Tel Aviv Labor Court determined that the number of connecting flights and the duration of the flight constituted an unusual event. As a result, she ordered a medical expert to examine the causal connection between the heart attack and the flight.

The medical committee initially rejected the plaintiff’s claim, stating that his medical condition was not related to his work accident. However, after filing an appeal, they accepted his claims and determined a disability allowance of 32% for him without reduction for his previous illness. This decision entitled him to retroactive payment and future monthly allowances.

In response, the National Insurance Institute emphasized that work disability allowances are meant to provide financial support for those who are unable to work due to a work-related injury or illness. They acknowledged that such rulings can occur but expressed their respect for Judge Gilzer-Katz’s decision. Despite their initial objections, they recognized that providing support and assistance was essential for those in need of financial compensation for their injuries or illnesses caused by their work.

In conclusion, thanks to Plaintiff’s successful appeal he received financial compensation for his work-related heart attack despite initial objections from National Insurance Institute . The court and medical committee recognized causal connection between flight and heart attack ultimately providing Plaintiff with necessary support and assistance.

By Aiden Johnson

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