Biden and Sanders unite to advocate for lower healthcare expenses

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders joined forces to highlight the administration’s efforts to reduce healthcare costs. The White House is actively showcasing Biden’s accomplishments ahead of the upcoming November elections. During an event at the Indian Treaty Room at the White House, Biden acknowledged their 25-year fight to lower healthcare costs and defeat Big Pharma.

Biden and Sanders emphasized the benefits of the Democrats’ comprehensive climate, healthcare, and tax package that Biden signed into law in 2022. The legislation includes caps on various healthcare expenses for Medicare recipients, such as $35 a month for insulin and $2,000 a year for prescription drugs. Despite the popularity of Biden’s achievements, particularly in reducing healthcare costs, Republican lawmakers did not vote in favor of the law.

The two men also discussed their efforts to urge major inhaler manufacturers to limit the cost of these devices to $35 a month. Without insurance, inhalers typically range in price from $200 to $600. Sanders expressed his gratitude to President Biden for his current actions on this issue and expressed his commitment to working together in the future.

Despite their differences during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, Biden and Sanders have collaborated to ensure Sanders’ influence is reflected in party policy platforms. Although they do not always agree on every issue, they share a common goal of making healthcare more affordable for all Americans.

By Aiden Johnson

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