Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Insightful Perspective on NFL Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative from Thomas Jefferson University Medical Student

As a fourth-year medical student at Thomas Jefferson University’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Azra Dees is one of only 30 in the United States selected for the NFL Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative. “I think the NFL’s initiative has been amazing,” Dees said. The NFL developed the program to encourage medical students from diverse backgrounds to consider careers in sports medicine.

Dees is a lifelong Eagles fan but for her training rotation, she was placed with the New York Jets to get firsthand experience working in an NFL club setting. “Sheer knowledge was great for me, but also understanding how patients are managed,” she said. Dees has to admit working for the Eagles would be a dream. “Growing up as a fan, I might be less objective than I would want to be,” she said.

Dees’ interest in sports medicine started when she was a young dancer. “I did jazz, tap, ballet,” she said, “Fun fact, I also tried to do basketball and volleyball at the same time.” From a young age, Dees understood the important connection between sports and medicine. She hopes the future will bring more diversity to this field.

Stephanie Stahl is an Emmy Award-winning health reporter who can be seen daily on CBS News Philadelphia and Philly57.

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