Chinese courts sentence sports officials to 8 years in prison for bribery.

The Communist Party has recently cracked down on sports corruption in China, with officials in sports programs receiving sentences ranging from eight years to life in prison. Chen Xuyuan, the former president of the Chinese Football Association (CFA), was sentenced to life in prison for fixing matches and committing financial crimes while holding various positions. Other high-ranking officials found guilty of taking bribes include Hong Chen, former head of the National Athletics Association (sentenced to 13 years), Chen Yongliang, a former soccer official (sentenced to 14 years), and Dong Zheng, former CEO of Chinese Football Association Super League Company (sentenced to eight years).

China’s soccer leagues have faced issues of corruption and financial instability for years. Real estate firms that heavily back the league have experienced financial instability due to overextension, leading to concerns about their ability to complete apartments and pay back debts. Payments to players hoping for success in Chinese and international markets have also gone awry due to financial concerns in the world’s second-largest economy. Despite past successes, China’s national men’s and women’s teams struggle on the international stage, with corruption typically involving payments to players and referees to sway outcomes in favor of gambling syndicates. Allegations of payments to secure spots in training camps for top teams, including the men’s national squad, have also surfaced.

Despite these challenges, efforts continue to improve Chinese soccer at both the domestic and international levels. China’s economic slowdown and government involvement in sports, culture, and private businesses have hindered progress; however, improvements are being made.

By Aiden Johnson

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