Celtics Focus on TV Coverage of Caitlin Clark Leading Iowa to Victory over LSU After Defeating Hornets

The Boston Celtics, fresh off their victory over the Charlotte Hornets on Monday night, turned their attention to the NCAA Women’s Tournament. As they watched Iowa’s triumph over LSU in the Elite Eight, 10 Celtics players sat in a row at their lockers, icing their feet and marveling at Caitlin Clark’s impressive performance.

Clark, who made nine 3-pointers and scored 41 points in Iowa’s 94-87 win, had captured the attention of basketball fans with her talent and skill on the court. The Celtics players were amazed by Clark’s performance and expressed admiration for her achievements. One player remarked on her impressive skills while another noted that she was “stealing the show” in both men’s and women’s basketball.

Even after the game ended, the players continued to talk about Clark’s record-breaking performance. Women’s college basketball has become more competitive in recent years, with players like Clark shining on the national stage. Celtics forward Sam Hauser noted that he was captivated by Clark’s impact on the game of basketball and reflected on how she is changing the narrative of women’s sports.

Hauser also commented on how NBA players are now watching and supporting their own schools during women’s NCAA Tournaments as well as men’s. He believes that it shows how far women’s basketball has come in terms of popularity and recognition within NBA circles.

Overall, Clark’s performance served as a reminder of how talented female athletes can be just as entertaining and inspiring as male athletes. The Celtics players were impressed by her skills and determination to succeed, which served as a motivation for them to continue striving for excellence themselves.

The Boston Celtics turned their attention from defeating Charlotte Hornets to watching NCAA Women’s Tournament matchup between Iowa and LSU on Monday night. After seeing Iowa’s win over LSU in Elite Eight game, 10 Celtics players sat at lockers while icing their feet, focusing on Caitlin Clark who made nine threes pointers and scored 41 points in Iowa’s victory.

The players were astonished by Clark’s impressive display of skills on court while one player stated that she was “stealing the show” both for men’s and women’s basketball. Even after game ended, they kept talking about her record breaking performance with admiration.

Celtics forward Sam Hauser shared his thoughts about women college basketball becoming more competitive recently with talented athletes like Clark taking center stage.

NBA players have traditionally watched men’S NCAA tournament but this time around they were captivated by Clark’S impact on game of Basketball. Hauser reflected on growing popularity of women’S sports like basketball with athletes such as Clarke changing narrative.

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