Central College receives $50,000 grant for research on ‘decision science’ curriculum

Central College has received a $50,000 planning grant from Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI), a manufacturing company based in Pella, to develop a new curriculum in decision science. The goal is to better prepare students for the constantly evolving world of business, with a focus on artificial intelligence, analytics, and digital transformation. This curriculum will involve collaboration between different departments at the college, such as math, computer science, and business.

Leslie Johnston, PPI’s vice president of human resources, expressed excitement about the partnership with Central College as they enhance their offerings for students. By focusing on decision science, Central College aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in businesses now and in the future. This initiative will address the challenges posed by shifting workplaces, new technologies, and changing consumer behaviors.

Mary Strey, the vice president for academic affairs at Central College, expressed excitement about the opportunity to expand the teaching of decision science. She mentioned that certain elements of decision science are already being covered in existing courses and that the grant will allow faculty to develop a new program and possibly introduce new courses.

Central College President Mark Putnam expressed gratitude for the partnership with PPI and emphasized the importance of preparing students for future workforce needs. The planning grant from PPI will support faculty and industry experts in developing a curriculum that meets the demands of the changing business landscape. This partnership with PPI will pave the way for the future of Central College.

The new curriculum in decision science at Central College will provide students with valuable knowledge and skills needed to excel in today’s fast-paced business environment. With an emphasis on artificial intelligence, analytics, and digital transformation, this program will prepare students for success in any field they choose to pursue.

By Aiden Johnson

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