Chicago chef honors 7 World Central Kitchen workers killed in Gaza as heroes

The recent tragedy in Gaza has shaken the culinary world, as a Chicago chef paid tribute to seven brave workers from World Central Kitchen who were killed in an Israeli airstrike. Despite coordinating their movements with the Israeli Defense Forces, the humanitarian group was hit and killed by Israeli fire. World Central Kitchen operates in some of the most challenging environments, providing aid in conflict zones, famine areas, and regions of unrest.

One of the workers killed was Zomi Francom from Australia, who had been involved in providing food for a group that Chicago chef Tony Priolo had worked with during the war in Ukraine. Priolo expressed his deep sadness over the news of the workers’ deaths and considered them heroes for their selfless dedication. He even offered to volunteer in Gaza if given the opportunity, emphasizing chefs’ commitment to cooking and feeding people.

The founder of World Central Kitchen, celebrity chef José Andrés, referred to the fallen workers as his “sisters and brothers” and “angels.” He emphasized their impact on providing aid to those in need and called for greater understanding and compassion towards those affected by conflict and famine. The incident has sparked conversations about the importance of humanitarian work and how it can be carried out safely amidst volatile conditions.

By Aiden Johnson

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