Business in East El Paso temporarily closes after crash causes damage

The temporary closure of Cradles & Crayons Kids Cafe in East El Paso has left the community in a state of concern. The incident occurred in the cafe’s parking lot, and Terry Ortiz, the owner, was informed about it by her employees who saw social media posts about it.

The cafe serves over 180 free meals to children in the community who stay for after school programs. Due to the incident, the cafe had to close for at least a week, resulting in a loss of approximately 1,000 meals for children who rely on them.

Witnesses reported that the person responsible for the crash fled the scene, and Ortiz is still determining whether they will need to cover repair costs themselves or if their insurance will assist. The incident was reported to police just before 1 a.m., and details are still emerging about what specifically occurred.

Despite this setback, efforts are being made to resume operations as soon as possible so that children can continue receiving vital resources from the cafe. As a vital resource for many children in the community, its reopening is essential to ensuring they continue receiving nutritious meals and support when they need it most.

By Aiden Johnson

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