Awards in Engineering and Computer Science Recognized at Convocation of Scholars

The College of Engineering and Computer Science at Arkansas State University recently held a Convocation of Scholars awards ceremony where graduating student awards were presented. Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharyya, the dean of the college, announced the recipients of the awards.

Jackson Chrestman from Jonesboro was honored with two awards: the Chancellor’s Scholar Award and 4.0 Scholar Award for achieving the highest overall grade point average among graduating seniors. He is set to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science.

The Citizenship Award recognizes students who display exceptional leadership, character, and involvement in the department and community. Recipients of this award include Shota Kato, Nathan Raath, Zackary Overton, Madison Walker, Nicolas Palacios, Jeannette Strano, and Seth Moffett, who represent various degree programs within the college.

The Outstanding Student Award is granted to individuals with the highest GPAs in each of the undergraduate degree plans. The recipients of this award are Jackson Chrestman (computer science), Cody Painter (electrical engineering), Samuel Morris (mechanical engineering), Ryan Ahmad (computer engineering), Luke Carden (industrial engineering), Elijah Mullins (civil engineering), Tuan Kiet Vuong (chemical engineering), Morgan Diamond (mathematics), and Dylan Stewart (physics).

The Convocation of Scholars events at A-State will continue throughout the month of April, celebrating the academic achievements and successes of students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

By Aiden Johnson

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