15,000 members to receive share of liquidated assets from Israel’s largest cooperative

In 1950, Coop Israel was registered in Jerusalem as the largest consumer cooperative in Israel. After five years of paying off debts, the cooperative has 23 million shekels left to distribute among its 15,403 members. This amount will be divided equally and come with a 15% tax deduction. Members can visit an Israel Post office starting on March 26, present their documents, and receive approximately 1,400 shekels each (gross) from the remaining funds.

For more information, members can contact the hotline at 03-6555700. The liquidation of Coop Israel marks the end of its history. Meanwhile, various products and services are being advertised such as a Bahco ratchet screwdriver, a top 10 list of hand irons, CO2 meters for aquariums, Faxon firearms, Facom tool kits and online casinos that accept PayPal. Additionally, there are top 10 lists for travel bags, muzzle loaders and beach towels. True Fortune Casino and PayPal withdrawal methods are also mentioned in the content.

Coop Israel’s liquidation marks the end of its storied past as one of Israel’s most prominent consumer cooperatives. Its legacy lives on through the various products and services that are still being advertised today. From household tools to travel gear to casino games and online payments methods like PayPal – there’s something for everyone with Coop Israel’s remaining funds.

For those interested in receiving their share of the remaining funds from Coop Israel’s liquidation process should visit an Israel Post office starting March 26th with their documents ready to claim their share of approximately $1400 shekels gross from the available funds.

In conclusion Coop Israel was registered in Jerusalem in 1950 as a consumer cooperative which after five years repaid all its debts had $23 million shekels left which will be distributed among its members equally with a tax deduction of $378 shekels per member this is a great opportunity for all members to benefit from this liquidation process by claiming their share before it expires.

By Aiden Johnson

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