Danone prepares for a health-focused run-up to the Paris Games

Danone is excited to be a sponsor of the upcoming Paris Games, hoping that the emphasis on health and nutrition will boost summer sales of its products. The company’s CEO reached out to the International Olympic Committee in 2022 and is now taking advantage of the opportunities that come with being a partner of the Games.

Many other French companies have also become first-time partners of the Games, hoping to capitalize on sales and marketing exposure. However, Danone’s focus on health and wellness sets it apart from other sponsors. The IOC has been pushing for sponsors selling food and beverages to promote health and wellness, a shift from past events where companies like McDonald’s were major sponsors.

In 2022, Danone’s CEO met with the head of the Olympic Games to discuss the company’s plant-based products, high-protein yoghurts, and other offerings that cater to health-conscious consumers. Danone’s chief financial officer, Juergen Esser, emphasized the relevance of their products for athletes and health-conscious individuals. The company’s portfolio includes brands like Activia yoghurts, Silk plant-based products, and Evian water. While Coca-Cola secured the deal to sell bottled water at the event, Danone is still planning to promote its full range of products including those focused on hydration. Overall, Danone is betting on the health and nutrition focus of the Paris Games to drive summer sales of its products.

By Aiden Johnson

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