Sat. Feb 24th, 2024
Famous ski and snowboard manufacturer files for bankruptcy

Antero GmbH, founded in 2009, has recently attempted to operate in the former premises of a snowboard factory. However, due to the pandemic and its consequences, retail sales figures have fallen short, leading to over-indebtedness. The company currently has three employees and operates an online platform that offers individual snowboards, winter sports items, textiles, a community, entertainment features and current information for fans of the board sports scene. Additionally, the company aims to cater to companies that produce individual small series for special occasions.

The debtor intends to continue operations with the goal of making the best possible use of existing raw materials and clarifying whether the financial and organizational requirements for a restructuring plan application can be met. Antero GmbH belongs to Apricum GmbH and in 2022, the company had an accumulated loss of 854,000 euros with negative equity of 489,000 euros. Approximately 600,000 euros in liabilities relate to profit participation rights.

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