Mon. Feb 26th, 2024
Delaware Tourism Office Collaborates with New and Existing Sports Facilities to Attract Events to the State

In an effort to strengthen its position as a leading sports tourism destination, Delaware Tourism Office is launching the Delaware Sports Tourism Capital Investment Fund. The fund, established through the FY24 Bond Bill, aims to provide financial support to First State sports facilities that host events and tournaments throughout the year, attracting out-of-state visitors and boosting the local economy.

The Delaware Tourism Office Director Jessica Welch explained that the fund was created to help maintain Delaware’s competitive edge in sports tourism. “We want to support new or existing sports facilities that bring in visitors from other states, put people into our hotel rooms and create economic impact at the state and local level,” she said.

Recent events such as the Atlantic 10 Women’s Basketball Tournament, PGA’s 2022 BMW Championship, MEAC Volleyball Championship, and numerous regional high school and youth sports events have demonstrated the importance of supporting a range of different facilities. The plan is to help these facilities continue to thrive and attract more visitors.

Welch noted that weekend events held during the summer months are particularly beneficial as they create a reputation for the facility and bring in significant revenue for the state. Officials hope that by providing financial support through this fund, Delaware will be able to attract even more visitors while maintaining its position as a top sports tourism destination.

The Delaware Tourism Office will hold two informative webinars for potential applicants later this month to learn more about how to apply for funding from this new initiative.

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