Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Independent MP Marin Lerotić announced on Monday that he will not support the state budget for 2024. He cited it as an inflated budget that fails to address the issues faced by citizens. Lerotić plans to submit about 20 amendments totaling 200 million euros. The debate on the state budget for 2024 is currently ongoing in Parliament, and Lerotić pointed out that next year being super-elective, the budget appears to be super-elective as well.

Lerotić expressed concern over the planned record deficit of four billion euros in the budget. He highlighted the fact that revenues are projected to grow by three percent, while expenditures are expected to increase by 11 percent. He criticized the government for not addressing the problems faced in healthcare, stating that it remains a bottomless pit with unresolved issues.

He also raised issues with the allocation of funds in the budget, pointing out a 70 percent increase in expenditures for public sector employees, while the budget for the Ministry of Economy’s stimulation of investments, industry, exports, and innovation is reduced by 52 percent. Additionally, he pointed out that defense expenditures are increased while education expenses are cut.

Lerotić announced his plans to submit amendments worth 200 million euros, focusing on investments in youth development, education and sports infrastructure, road and port infrastructure development, innovation and new technologies development and affordable housing construction for young people. He proposed an amendment worth 130 million euros for building apartments for rent and an increase in funds for preventing violence against young people and providing transportation services for them as well as constructing school halls and kindergartens.

Furthermore Leroticic expressed disappointment with governments failure to promptly address instances of Ustasha salutes in Vukovar stressing the need for action and condemnation of such behavior.

In conclusion Leroticic highlighted his concerns regarding inflationary nature of state budget , allocation of funds ,record deficit ,healthcare issues ,and its impact on citizens . His proposed amendments focus on addressing these concerns by investing in areas such as youth development ,education ,sports infrastructure ,road & port infrastructure development ,innovation & new technologies development .

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