Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) — Turner, the queen of rock and roll with these vibrant lips, hair and renowned legs nonetheless amazed audiences nicely into her 70’s by singing some of her greatest hits that earned her 12 Grammy awards.

Small did we know, all the even though she was suffering with the silent killer of higher blood stress and kidney illness.

Turner shared with the globe on Instagram in March about her struggles:

“My kidneys are victims of my not realizing that my higher blood stress must have been treated with standard medicine. I have place myself in excellent danger by refusing to face the reality that I require each day lifelong therapy with medication. For far as well extended I believed that my physique was an untouchable and an indestructible bastionI,” Turner mentioned in the post.

Dr. Bryanne Standifer, an Internal Medicine Medical doctor from Ascension Providence Hospital in Southfield says she sees comparable devastation from hypertension and kidney illness each day in our neighborhood.

She says she sees thousands of individuals die from a mixture of hypertension and kidney illness annually.

We also spoke to Jamell Hightower who suffers from hypertension.

Jamell almost died of a stroke when his blood stress was by way of the roof and landed in the ER.

He now sees an Ascension medical professional who prescribed him medication and place him on a well being regimen to shed weight.

So far Jamell, who has a catering business enterprise, has lost 70 of his one hundred hundred pound target.

Dr. Standifer says we never really feel higher blood stress, some individuals have headaches but the excellent majority never really feel it at all.

She recommends individuals see a key care doctor and at the pretty least verify your blood stress at household or at a pharmacy.

When I asked Dr. Standifer if she thinks Turner’s death will shock individuals into going to see their medical professional. She responded, “I hope so, I actually hope they do.”

Turner died Wednesday, 11 weeks immediately after she talked about her kidney troubles publicly.

The precise bring about of death for Turner is nonetheless unclear but she was reportedly battling a extended illness.

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