Tucker DeVries from Drake basketball decides to transfer to a new school

On Wednesday, Tucker DeVries, a standout player on the Drake basketball team, announced that he would be entering the transfer portal. This news was first reported by On3 Sports after DeVries announced that he would undergo shoulder surgery following an injury-plagued season. Despite his challenges, DeVries played through the pain and made significant contributions to the team.

As the son of former Bulldogs coach Darian DeVries, Tucker is expected to follow his father to West Virginia. Although this move has not been officially confirmed, it is anticipated that more Bulldog players will enter the transfer portal in the coming days as Darian takes on a new coaching role at West Virginia.

Throughout his time at Drake, Tucker was instrumental in leading the team to back-to-back Missouri Valley Conference tournament championships and NCAA Tournament berths. He also earned two Larry Bird Trophy awards as conference player of the year during his junior season when he averaged 21.6 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 3.7 assists per game along with 53 steals, a career high for him.

DeVries’ departure marks the end of an era at Drake where he played a crucial role in their achievements under his father’s leadership. As other players contemplate their next moves, Alyssa Hertel, college sports recruiting reporter for Des Moines Register can provide more information on this developing story.

In conclusion, Tucker DeVries’ decision to enter the transfer portal signifies a significant moment in Drake basketball program’s history as they adjust to their new coaching regime at West Virginia University with Darian taking over head coaching duties.

By Aiden Johnson

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