The EU should assist Eastern Finland, as per logical reasoning

Eastern Finland is facing significant challenges due to the deteriorating situation of Finland’s public finances, particularly as a result of the Russian war of aggression. The region has been severely impacted by the complete closure of the Russian border, and urgent action is needed to stimulate economic growth and vitality in the area.

The Finnish Confederation of Business and Industry (EK) has put forward a list of recommendations to address these challenges, including designating Eastern Finland as a special economic zone to promote business activities and accelerate economic growth in the region. Chairman Harry Broman emphasized the need for public authorities to play a central role in supporting Eastern Finland, given its seriousness.

To achieve this goal, investments in energy, green transition, improved air connections, tourism, broadband infrastructure, and support for company growth are all part of the proposed plan. Collaboration with neighboring countries and EU support will be crucial in strengthening Russia’s neighboring countries’ position and achieving sustainable growth and prosperity in Eastern Finland.

Given the challenges facing the region, including economic and security concerns, it is essential that the EU provides solidarity similar to what was provided during the corona crisis. The implementation of a special economic zone will require cooperation from public authorities, neighboring countries, and EU support to ensure its success. Overall, this plan aims to address Eastern Finland’s economic challenges and pave the way for sustainable growth and prosperity.

By Aiden Johnson

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