Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

In the aftermath of his defeat to Javier Milei in the second round of Argentina’s presidential elections, Sergio Massa has decided to remain as Minister of Economy and has formed a transition team to support President Alberto Fern├índez during his contacts with the incoming president. According to sources from the Ministry of Economy, Massa held a meeting with his closest collaborators on Monday to create a work team that will aid in the government transition with Milei, who will take office on December 10th.

Despite acknowledging defeat, Massa had initially stated that he was ending “a stage” of his “political life.” However, he later revealed that he would not make any decisions regarding his future until Fern├índez and Milei met. It is evident that Massa’s decision to continue as Minister of Economy is significant for the continuity and stability of Argentina’s economic policies during this period of transition.

The formation of a transition team demonstrates Massa’s commitment to supporting the transition process and highlights his willingness to work alongside Milei. While it remains unclear how this collaboration will unfold, it is an important development for Argentina following the presidential elections.

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