Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

On Tuesday, Nokia will test drive a tractor equipped with a diesel engine that will be refueled with electric fuel made from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide for the first time in vehicle use. The technology research center VTT has developed the production of electric fuel for commercial applications and industrial scale, and they are aiming to get information about its usability through a field test. The responsible leader of the project, research professor at VTT Juha Lehtonen says that the fuel can be used to replace fossil diesel fuel in areas that are difficult to electrify, such as heavy road traffic and shipping.

The tractor is being refueled with electric fuel at Agco Power’s factory in Nokia, which manufactures diesel engines. During the test drive, which lasts several hours, various emissions in the exhaust gases and other data points will be measured by Kari Aaltonen, director of product development at Agco Power. The project received EUR 3.3 million in funding from Business Finland, and with additional investments from parallel research and product development activities, the total funding exceeded EUR six million.

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