Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Incorporating Modern Technology into Sled Design

Electric sledding is becoming increasingly popular in Norway as a modern alternative to traditional street sledding. Justin, also known as Garage Avenger, has been inspired by the trend and decided to create an electric sled that could quickly transport passengers around the ice. He equipped his sled with powerful electric turbines that spin their blades at an impressive 80,000 rpm, making it perfect for child-sized passengers.

The antique sled was first refurbished to remove rust from the runners and recondition the wood before being equipped with 3D printed cowlings for the turbines, an upgraded handlebar with a thumb throttle, and a big battery with an Arduino. The result was a powerful sled that easily reaches speeds of 20-30 kph depending on passenger weight and size. It was a huge hit among skaters at the pond, and many were impressed by its speed and ease of use.

Justin’s creation has sparked interest in other ways to spruce up old sleds. For example, adding a suspension system can allow for smoother rides down unplowed roads. As electric sledding continues to grow in popularity, there are plenty of opportunities for innovation and creativity in this exciting new sport.

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