Schlein confirms unity approach and prepares for European election candidacy

The European election campaign is in full swing, with the finalization of party lists imminent. Secretary Schlein has outlined a unitary approach that focuses on unity rather than individual candidate support at the congress. This strategy was successful in the regional elections and is expected to be replicated in the upcoming vote. The potential candidacy of Secretary Elly Schlein is also being considered, with the Democratic Party’s general staff advocating for her to run.

During a meeting at the Nazarene, members of the Democratic Party secretariat have requested Elly Schlein to contest in the European elections. Several options have been proposed, and she will take time to make a decision before announcing her candidacy. In terms of potential candidates, names such as Emanuele Fiano, Giorgio Gori, and Pierfrancesco Maran are expected to run in North West constituency, while Nicola Zingaretti, Dario Nardella, and Camilla Laureti are likely contenders for Center constituency. Outside personalities such as Marco Tarquinio and Lucia Annunziata are also being considered for leadership positions in different constituencies.

The main focus of the Democratic Party is to confirm their growth over the past year and establish an alternative to current government policies. Key priorities include pushing for popular initiative law on minimum wage and addressing issues related to health care and ruling class. The party is also concerned about attacks on freedom of information and developments in Hungary that threaten democratic values. They see the move towards the right by politicians like Salvini and Meloni as detrimental to Europe’s future development

By Aiden Johnson

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