Best Practices for Technology in the Channel in 2024

In the ever-evolving technology industry, partners are shifting their focus to cloud computing, security, and artificial intelligence domains to enhance their offerings. These foundational technologies are increasingly becoming critical for partners to remain competitive in the market.

Cloud computing is identified as the most prevalent technology practice among partners, demonstrating its significance in the industry. Partners are leveraging cloud computing to deliver innovative solutions to their clients while ensuring data security and compliance. This technology practice has become essential for partners who want to excel beyond basic product reselling and develop specialized areas of expertise.

In addition to cloud computing, partners are also recognizing the potential of artificial intelligence in transforming the channel environment. By investing in AI technologies, partners can offer advanced solutions to their clients, optimize operational processes, and drive business growth. As AI continues to gain traction in the technology industry, partners are adapting their practices to incorporate AI-driven solutions and services.

The evolving landscape of technology practices among partners highlights the importance of these three domains – cloud computing, security, and artificial intelligence – in driving innovation and growth in the industry. Partners who capitalize on these domains are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of their clients and succeed in the competitive marketplace.

According to a recent survey by Channelnomics, partners prioritize these technology areas as crucial for staying competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. The survey results suggest that these three domains have become foundational practices for many organizations operating within the technology sector.

Partners who specialize in one or more of these areas have developed efficient sales and operational processes that allow them to excel beyond basic product reselling. They have become experts in delivering innovative solutions that leverage cloud computing, security features, and artificial intelligence technologies.

In conclusion, cloud computing has emerged as a critical domain that is shaping the future of partnerships within the technology industry. As more organizations invest in this area, it will continue to be a foundational practice that drives innovation and growth within this sector.

Moreover, with advancements in AI technologies and increasing recognition of its potential by organizations across different sectors, artificial intelligence is set to become another crucial domain for partnerships within this industry. Partners who embrace this trend will be well-positioned

By Aiden Johnson

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