Male Seminary Recreation Center provides a range of sports leagues and services for men.

The Cherokee Nation Male Seminary Recreation Center, commonly known as “Markoma,” is a state-of-the-art fitness facility that offers a range of sports leagues and fitness classes for all ages. With its prime location at 1501 Graham Ave in Tahlequah, the center provides an accessible and inclusive space for community members to stay active and healthy.

Lead Rec Specialist Terry Hooper is thrilled to see the center open its doors to the public, welcoming everyone to participate in its leagues and classes. Citizens of the Cherokee Nation can access gym equipment and fitness classes for free, while non-citizens can join for a membership fee of $20.

The center hosts various sports leagues throughout the year, including basketball, volleyball, pickleball, cornhole, and softball. In addition to these leagues, there is also a senior’s class that meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This class plays chair volleyball and enjoys staying active in a fun and social setting.

The Male Seminary Recreation Center is dedicated to promoting movement and wellness for all ages and abilities. Whether you’re looking to join a league or simply drop in for a workout, this facility has something for everyone. So why not call 918-453-5496 today to learn more about participating in the leagues or accessing the gym equipment and classes available at the center?

By Aiden Johnson

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