Leadership Dialogue with David Zuckerman of the Healthcare Anchor Network: Investing in Community Health

In today’s episode, I sit down with David Zuckerman, the president and founder of the Healthcare Anchor Network. We discuss how hospitals and health systems are playing a vital role in developing healthier communities through impact investments that focus on improving housing, food access, transportation, infrastructure, and creating economic opportunities in the community.

David highlights the importance of identifying where business pain points intersect with community priorities when developing a strategy that addresses both. He explains the different approaches, stages, and examples of impact investment and place-based investment.

David emphasizes that impact dollars can serve a double purpose by providing financial returns as well as making a social impact on the community. The research shows that investing in areas such as housing and stable employment has a significant impact on community health. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize these areas when working towards improving community health and well-being without using discretionary dollars that may be needed for clinical services or other healthcare priorities.

I hope you find this conversation informative and thought-provoking. Tune in once a month for more episodes as part of the Chair File series. Watch this episode to learn more about how hospitals and health systems are playing an important role in building healthier communities through impact investments.

By Aiden Johnson

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