The connection between Maduro and evangelicals in Venezuela within the Christian movement

Venezuela has a strong Christian community, with a significant number of evangelicals who believe in the power of God. Among them is the Evangelical Christian Movement for Venezuela (Mocev), a union of men and women who have made it their mission to spread the word of God in their country. Established in 2017, Mocev has become an important part of Chavismo within the Venezuelan evangelical community, especially during election periods.

With around 5 thousand associated pastors and a presence in all 24 states of the country, Mocev plays an active role in religious activities, government events, and actions by the PSUV. During elections, Mocev works closely with local evangelical leaders to hold rallies that target support from evangelicals, particularly those from poorer backgrounds.

Despite its support for the regime led by Nicol├ís Maduro, not all Venezuelan evangelicals agree with Mocev’s position. The Venezuelan Evangelical Council established in 1972 emphasizes the importance of separating Church and State. Religious persecution and violence against Christians have been reported by organizations monitoring religious freedom in Venezuela.

In recent years, Maduro has intensified his campaigning alongside evangelicals and Mocev as he seeks re-election on July 28th. This election cycle has seen increased persecution against opposition members, with Maduro looking for divine intervention from evangelical pastors to lift international sanctions imposed on Venezuela. Additionally, new benefits have been announced for the evangelical community as part of this alliance between Mocev and the regime.

Overall, while Mocev’s support for Maduro may be controversial among some within the Venezuelan Christian community, its influence on politics cannot be denied as it continues to play an active role in shaping political discourse and influencing voters’ decisions during election periods.

By Aiden Johnson

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