Roswell Welcomes New Truman Health Services Clinic operated by UNM

UNM’s Truman Health Services Clinic has recently opened in the City of Roswell, providing much-needed HIV and sexual health care to people across southeastern New Mexico. The facility offers a range of services including primary care, testing, and prevention for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), addressing an issue that has long been a concern in the area.

According to recent public data, HIV rates in Chaves County alone have increased by 52% over the past 16 years. This highlights the need for accessible healthcare services in the region. Dr. Michelle Iandioro, medical director for UNM Truman Health Services, notes that disparities in STI and HIV rates exist across the state, particularly in areas with limited access to healthcare and prevention resources. The new clinic aims to address these issues by helping people know their status, access prevention services, and receive treatment closer to home.

Before the opening of the Truman Health Services Clinic, Roswell only had a mobile unit that visited once a month to provide HIV treatment. This made it difficult for people seeking help to access it without having to travel long distances. The goal of the new facility is to make it easier for people to seek the help they need without having to travel long distances. Dr. Gary Mlady, interim CEO & president of the UNM medical group, emphasizes the importance of expanding healthcare access to all New Mexicans, regardless of their location.

In addition to providing essential care for those who need it most, this initiative also takes steps towards ensuring that healthcare services are more accessible throughout the state through UNM’s center for telehealth. With these efforts underway, there is hope that rising rates of STIs and HIV in southeastern New Mexico will begin to decline as people are able to seek help more easily.

Overall, UNM’s Truman Health Services Clinic is an important step towards improving healthcare access and addressing critical health issues in southeastern New Mexico.

By Aiden Johnson

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