Anaheim Ducks Host Women in Sports Weekend

The official website of the Anaheim Ducks is The Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club, LLC, an ocV!BE company, holds the trademark for the Anaheim Ducks. The National Hockey League (NHL), along with the NHL Shield, the Stanley Cup, and NHL Conference logos, are all registered trademarks owned by the NHL. All NHL logos, team logos, and other proprietary materials are the property of the NHL and their respective teams. Reproduction of these materials is prohibited without the prior written consent of NHL Enterprises, L.P.

The Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club, LLC has a trademark for its name and logo. This means that no one else can use these marks without permission from the team or its parent company ocV!BE. The National Hockey League (NHL) also has several registered trademarks that it owns outright or in partnership with other teams. These include the NHL Shield, which serves as a symbol of integrity within the league; the Stanley Cup; and various conference logos used throughout North America’s top professional hockey league.

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