Fat Joe pays tribute to his son Joey, who is 33 years old, on World Autism Awareness Day

Fat Joe is honoring his son Joey on World Autism Awareness Day. On Instagram, the rapper shared a photo of him resting his chin on his son’s head as they both look off in the distance. He captioned the post with a heartfelt message about how proud he is of Joey and how he considers him the “Don of the family.”

Joey is one of Fat Joe’s three children, along with sons Ryan and Azariah. In December, Fat Joe posted a picture on Instagram to honor Joey on his 33rd birthday. The two were holding oversized tennis balls in the photos, with Joey also having a standard-size tennis ball tethered to him.

Last year, Fat Joe appeared on The View to promote his memoir, The Book of Jose. During the show, he shared a story about Joey and how much he means to their family. Fat Joe expressed how proud he is of Joey and how he is an inspiration and a blessing in their lives. He described Joey’s presence in the family as a gift that keeps giving, like an angel.

Fat Joe’s memoir is all about transparency, failures, triumphs, and finding joy after going through dark times. He emphasized the importance of sharing Joey’s story in his book as a celebration of their journey together.

By Aiden Johnson

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