Health Center in Boston Providing Direct Delivery of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Patients in Need

New Health, a local health center affiliated with Mass General Hospital and Boston Medical Center, is taking a holistic approach to care by providing fresh fruits and vegetables directly to patients in need. The initiative began as a response to the growing need for food security in the community.

On a recent day when WBZ-TV cameras visited, New Health was distributing bags of fresh produce to patients who had been notified in advance. Each bag contains a variety of items such as bananas, apples, oranges, and even superfoods like avocados. This month’s distribution included asparagus, onions, and potatoes. These bags go a long way and have been appreciated by patients who share them with others in need.

Once the produce has been distributed to those on the list, any leftovers are placed in the community refrigerator so that anyone in need can have access to them. Patient Carmen Tirado expressed her gratitude for this resource and noted that many people in the community rely on it for their survival.

“This is supposed to be a holistic care approach that really takes the individual and provides them with the care and support they need,” said Dan Coakley, public affairs coordinator for New Health. “We want to make sure we keep providing this resource to everyone.”

By Aiden Johnson

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