Indy man back to fishing thanks to successful procedure at IU Health

Essential tremors have been a constant companion for Rick Brandes, affecting his confidence and self-esteem for over three decades. This genetic disorder causes uncontrollable shaking in specific muscle groups, leading to embarrassing moments on dates and the loss of activities he loves. However, Brandes found solace in seeking help from Dr. Thomas Whitt, his neurosurgeon at IU Health, who introduced him to the Focused Ultrasound procedure as a potential solution.

Dr. Whitt brought the Focused Ultrasound procedure to Indianapolis in August 2023, providing hope for individuals like Brandes who suffer from essential tremors. This non-invasive technique works by using a metal frame and ultrasound waves guided by the frame to target and destroy specific cells causing tremors. The procedure has proven successful in alleviating symptoms with minimal side effects such as numbness around the mouth.

Brandes underwent the Focused Ultrasound procedure and experienced significant improvements in his condition. He expressed how transformative the treatment has been for him, allowing him to pursue activities he had lost due to his condition. With newfound stability in his hands, Brandes is excited about fishing without tremors again. Owning a fishing boat for four years, he looks forward to casting a line without interference from shaky hands and reconnecting with his passion on the water.

The impact of essential tremors on individuals goes beyond physical symptoms. Essential tremors can greatly affect an individual’s social life and lead to embarrassing situations that can negatively impact their self-esteem. The Focused Ultrasound procedure provides hope for individuals like Brandes who suffer from this condition and want to regain control over their lives.

In conclusion, essential tremors can be debilitating and negatively impact an individual’s quality of life. However, with advancements in medical technology like the Focused Ultrasound procedure, individuals can find relief from their symptoms while minimizing side effects. As Rick Brandes’ story shows us, seeking help is crucial for those suffering from essential tremors who want to live life with confidence and stability once again.

By Aiden Johnson

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