New basketball postseason tournament collaboration announced by Fox and AEG

In 2025, Fox Sports and AEG will collaborate to launch the College Basketball Crown, a new postseason college basketball tournament that will be held in Las Vegas from March 31 to April 6. The tournament will feature 16 teams playing games at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and T-Mobile Arena, which have previously hosted college basketball games, including the Pac-12 tournaments.

Teams that do not qualify for the NCAA tournament will have an opportunity to participate in this competition. The Big Ten, Big 12, and Big East conferences will each have two automatic entries, while the remaining teams will be selected by a committee. Jordan Bazant, executive vice president of Fox Sports, expressed excitement about providing more opportunities for student-athletes to compete in high-quality postseason college hoops.

The College Basketball Crown is expected to be a significant competitor to the National Invitation Tournament (NIT), which is currently managed by the NCAA. In recent years, the NIT has made changes to its selection process to include more teams from power-six conferences. However, some schools declined invitations to participate in the 32-team NIT this season, including eight from power conferences.

The NIT was once considered the most prestigious major postseason tournament in college basketball and has roots dating back to 1938 when games were held at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. While last year’s final four took place in Las Vegas and this year’s event is set for Indianapolis before returning to Madison Square Garden in 2022. The College Basketball Crown aims to provide an exciting and competitive alternative for teams that do not make it into the NCAA tournament while enhancing the postseason college basketball experience for players and fans alike.

In summary, Fox Sports and AEG are teaming up to launch a new postseason college basketball tournament called the College Basketball Crown in Las Vegas from March 31st – April 6th of 2025 featuring sixteen teams playing games at MGM Grand Garden Arena & T-Mobile Arena with participation open for non-NCAA qualified teams selected by a committee with automatic entries given to Big Ten, Big 12 & Big East conferences with roots dating back decades as an alternative prestigious major postseason tournament providing high quality competition for players & fans alike

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