Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

In the competitive world of academia, textbooks and exams often reign supreme. However, for Cameron Freeman, a senior at Northwestern University’s Weinberg College, her entrepreneurship minor and artistic inclinations have led to a dazzling success story with NU Dazzle – an Instagram business that has taken the Evanston campus by storm with its array of bedazzled merchandise.

Freeman first started NU Dazzle when she realized that companies that made custom game day clothes often overlooked Northwestern. She began making shirts by hand, selling about 20 white Hanes tank tops with simple designs until she went abroad her junior year, pausing production. Freeman reinvented NU Dazzle this past summer, adding bling to a greater variety of clothing and using stencils for better precision.

With a focus on custom game day clothes, it was clear that there was a gap in the market for Northwestern apparel. Freeman’s eye for art and design, combined with her entrepreneurship minor, provided the perfect foundation for her to start NU Dazzle. After taking a break from production during her junior year abroad, Freeman re-launched NU Dazzle with a wider range of bedazzled clothing and a more precise method of creating designs.

The success of NU Dazzle is a testament to Freeman’s creativity and business acumen. With her ability to identify and capitalize on a gap in the market, she has created a business that has resonated with the Northwestern community. As NU Dazzle continues to gain popularity, it is clear that Freeman’s artistic and entrepreneurial talents have laid the foundation for a truly sparkly success story.

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