COLUMN: Orillia Rower Holds World Champion Title for Five Consecutive Years

In 1896, Canadian Jacob (Jake) Gill Gaudaur won the world’s singles sculling championship in England. This victory marked the pinnacle of his extensive rowing career, which had already earned him national fame through over 100 races across North America in the 1880s. However, it all began along the shores of Orillia, near the historic Narrows, where he was born in 1858.

Lake Couchiching served as the training ground where Gaudaur honed his rowing skills that ultimately led him to the Thames. As a teenager, his practice runs were limited to the Narrows, near his family’s log home. Both of Gaudaur’s parents, Francis and Jeanette, were descendants of Orillia’s earliest permanent settlers. Francis, of French-Canadian descent, was the son of Orillia’s first settler, Antoine, who married the daughter of Ojibway Chief Neb-Non-A-Quet. Jeanette, of Anglo-Scottish descent, belonged to a family that settled in the Orillia area in the early 1830s.

After retiring from his athletic career and returning to his hometown, Jake Gaudaur spent his days guiding fishing parties along Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe. These waters were also where he first began rowing as a teenager. He was celebrated throughout Canada for his rowing achievements but always received special recognition in his hometown. In honor of Gaudaur’s successes, Orillia organized a grand celebration that included fireworks and a parade. It was a fitting tribute to Jake Gaudaur’s legacy as both a world champion rower and local hero which continues to be remembered and celebrated in Orillia today.

By Aiden Johnson

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