Raúl González (Barceló) is known for being able to sleep easily, even while standing upright

Raúl González, a business leader born in Guardo (Palencia) in 1961, has been taking risks and emphasizing fearlessness and a touch of madness in his decision-making for years. He is the founder of a non-conformist family business that he has led since its inception. Growing up, studying, and living in Bilbao until 23 years ago when he relocated to Palma de Mallorca to take on a job at a hotel company.

González believes that extensive travel can be exhausting but finds motivation in the opportunity to learn new things. He takes approximately 200 flights per year and imposes most of these trips on himself to ensure he stays informed about hotel operations and to maintain relationships with the team and partners. His love for traveling has led him to explore different parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

As his responsibilities have increased over the years, González has shifted away from being a pure economist towards being more of a psychologist. He values personal relationships and the growth of his team above technical proficiency. González believes having a touch of naivety is healthy when navigating the complexities of running a business.

In his free time, González engages in sports like paddle tennis and tennis, often scheduling games two to three times a week. He enjoys reading books like “Damn Rome” by Santiago Posteguillo and typically works long hours throughout the year answering emails and calls from clients across the globe. Despite his demanding work schedule, González prioritizes spending quality time with his family and emphasizes maintaining a balance between work and personal life.

Managing stress effectively is crucial for González as he navigates the demands of running a non-conformist family business. He believes in maintaining a friendly demeanor even when faced with challenging situations and emphasizes humility as well as listening skills as key aspects of effective leadership.

Looking back on past decisions is essential for Gonzalez as it helps him seek ways to improve continually. His approach to leadership involves reflecting on past decisions while constantly seeking out new opportunities for growth.

Overall, Raúl González’s journey shows us that taking risks, staying informed about industry trends while prioritizing personal relationships can lead to success in any field or industry.

By Aiden Johnson

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