Sat. Feb 24th, 2024
Arkana Ceca, a criminal turned singer and widow of a war criminal, refused to give up: ‘He protected Serbia…’

Ceca, the widow of war criminal Zcarongeljko Ražnatović Arkan, has been making headlines in Croatia recently. Despite controversy surrounding her past, she is set to have a concert in Maribor in March. Posters promoting the event have been pasted around Zagreb, sparking debate among citizens.

In an interview, Ceca defended her decision to hold the concert, stating that music transcends politics and borders. She also spoke about the love and admiration she has from Croats and her unwavering commitment to her craft. However, her comments were met with criticism from some who felt that it was insensitive to the victims of genocide and crimes against humanity committed by Arkan and other Serbian paramilitaries during the Bosnian War.

Ceca’s personal life with Arkan was also a topic of discussion in the interview. She shared details about their marriage and the challenges they faced together, including attempts made to assassinate him. Despite these difficulties, Ceca remained steadfast in her love for Arkan and continued to support his cause until his death in 2003.

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